M&A with TOE

Tri-En Solutions strengthens company through joint venture with Japan’s leading company


Tri-En Solutions are confident revenue growth targets after preparation for mixed-use office building projects such as office buildings, hotels, factories, power plants and renewable energies, CLMV projects and various work.

Japanese’s leading company is invested in Tri-En Solutions in by purchasing shares. This purchase of shares will increase the Tri-En Solutions of capacity of the business and increase the likelihood of upgrading the business. Tri-En Solutions has said will prepare for mixed-use office building projects such as office buildings, hotels, factories, power plants, and renewable energies, CLMV projects, and a variety of work. Tri-En Solutions believes that after adjusting the work strategy, revenue will increase by more than 10%.

Tri-En Solution Co., Ltd., has been operating for over 16 years and recognized system engineering service provider recognized by the real estate business, we provide system engineering services and has a full range of services including electrical systems, sanitary systems, fire suppression systems, air conditioning and ventilation systems. To support the work potential and more efficiently coordinate work strategies, Tri-En Solution Co., Ltd. has invested in a joint venture with TOENEC Corporation, a Japanese multinational company and been changed our company name to Tri-En TOENEC Co., Ltd.

“This joint venture with Toenec Corporation from Japan is a significant growth for our company, and the engineering capabilities to be developed in the future. This is a great opportunity to enhance our business. We have been in the engineering business for a long time and trust from client to work on indoor systems. We have grown and built a reputation from indoor systems and indoor apartments systems. We have been commissioned for major domestic real estate projects. We have installed systems engineering in more than 50 real estate projects, now there are 10 currently installed projects. Project value of over 2 billion baht. To competitive advantage in business, our company then decided to join a joint venture with a company that has experience working in system engineering that has the potential to be able to help support the business to increase the potential for strength in business operations, to support more work, to support financially, trustworthy, experience ,upgrade the service quality and supporting the expansion of work into other businesses. ” said Konrachan Chayakun, Chief Executive Officer of Tri-En TOENEC Co., Ltd.

TOENEC Corporation has been operating in Japan for over 75 years and is a huge company providing engineering system design and installation in Japan, with subsidiaries and branches in many countries such as China, Taiwan, Indonesia, Philippines, Myanmar etc. It is also a company in Japan Exchange Group with operational potential that has a reputation for a variety of service engineering systems, including factory work, power plant work, renewable energy, and various construction work.

“Currently, 90% of all customers of Tri-En TOENEC Co., Ltd. are real estate developers. Our company aims to increase the mix-use client base, as most real estate projects have now been adjusted to meet consumer demand. And client in the office building, hotels, factories, power plants and more renewable energy businesses. We expect this customer base group to grow by 30-40%. Doing business with CLMV countries group clients and Japanese clients investing in Thailand are target group that we looking to grow the year. We have found the opportunity to do business to support this need and we have also a competitive advantage because supported by TOENEC Corporation” he added.

“With the collaboration between the two companies, in addition to building our business strengths and competitiveness, we are convinced by our client and partners that we will receive excellent work and services from Tri-En TOENEC Co., Ltd.” Chief Executive Officer of Tri-En TOENEC Co., Ltd. said.